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Liturgia.pl: because everyone needs a guide

The Dominican Liturgical Centre uses the Internet as a medium which is egalitarian and the easiest to access. By means of modern technology, we bring Catholic theology and culture closer to Internet users. Every day we create opportunities for them to find a deeper sense in participating in the Sacred Rituals. This is why in 2008 we started the Liturgia.pl website, which was thoroughly reconstructed in 2016 due to the need to reformulate the portal’s mission. We would like Liturgia.pl to be a platform created together by people who care about the form of liturgy. We aim at building an open platform which will help Internet users deepen and strengthen their Christian and Catholic identity. Authors from all over the world are invited to co-create it.

We want our website to become a guide, in a double sense. When referred to Liturgia.pl, this word gives an idea of what our portal is and what it is intended to be.

First, our site is like a guidebook: a collection of information and aids to make the user notice, understand and participate in liturgy.

Second, it is like your companion: a person who is with you in your everyday struggle to reach the core of the mysteries of faith. A guide who walks one step ahead, who shows the direction, and who helps keep balance and overcome obstacles at difficult moments.

What is more, our portal has been designed for exchanging and sharing ideas. It connects distant corners of the world and, in a way similar to an electrical conductor, allows the flow of thoughts which are worth knowing.

The pages of Liturgia.pl already include articles by outstanding liturgists and theologians, interviews with singers and composers who write liturgical music, reviews of books and magazines devoted to liturgy and liturgical music CDs, as well as commentaries on Mass readings, Liturgy of the Hours and Mass texts. Some of the material is available in the form of multimedia such as audio and video. Liturgia.pl has the total of over ten thousand articles, and the collection is growing. A number of authors and readers work on its continuous development and updating. Our website is first of all a forum for exchanging information, opinions and comments. Readers are kept informed of new contents through our weekly newsletter. Join the editorial team scattered all over the world!


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