Codex Occo Music Workshop in Kraków

We invite you to join a special project in which we follow Marcel Peres in exploration of the world of renaissance polyphony. We sing the music from the Occo Codex (beginning of the XVI c.), including Missa Pange Linge of Josquin des Pres.

The music is generally for 4 voices, but we work also monodic Office to the Most Holy Sacrament of St. Thomas d’Acquin (XIII). We read the music from the original mensural notation. The upcoming workshop will be in Cracow (Poland) on 15-19 of January.

The session is in English so don’t worry about the language. In the previous sessions of the project (this will be the sixth one, but you can join thus late) there have been an Estonian, Hungarian and Lithuanian, so don’t be afraid to come – Polish is not obligatory. For the final performance we will sing during the Holy Mass. We don’t have many other English materials, but to learn more you can watch also the invitation to the previous session, which is also in English:

Marcel Pérès – Poznan Katharsis Festival

Marcel Pérès, slynny francuski spiewak, muzykolog i lider zespolu Organum opowiada o projekcie "Kodeks Occo" i zaprasza do Poznania!To juz 2-5 maja. Zostalo kilkanascie miejsc w grupie warsztatowej – nie spoznijcie sie ze zgloszeniami! Wiecej informacji: Marcel Pérès: warsztaty śpiewu polifonicznego w Poznaniu.

Opublikowany przez Poznań Katharsis Festival Niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2019

For the inscriptions, please write (in English or French). The fee is 350 PLN / 85 EUR (it’s participation cost only, excluding hotels and meals). We start on the 15th of January at 17:17 and finish on the 19th of Fevrier around 16:30 (after the Mass).

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