Dawid Kusz’s OP “Jutrznia Paschalna” (Pascha Lauds) – premiere concert on Sunday

One of the leading composers of liturgical music in Poland, a Dominican father Dawid Kusz will present his newest pieces created to resemble Lauds, for the ending of the Easter period. The concert is taking place on Sunday 31st of May at 10:00 a.m. CEST on YouTube channels Liturgia.pl and Dominikanie.pl.

The composition is made to resemble traditional Lauds, that is morning prayer, known for Liturgy of the Hours: you will able to hear Psalm 63 for a mixed choir a cappella, “Kantyk Trzech Młodzieńców” for a quartet of soloists, a mixed choir and the organs; moreover Psalm 149 for a mixed choir a cappella. To emphasize the Marian character of the ending May, the author has also included in the programme Ave Virgo Sanctissima for a mixed choir, the violin and the organs.

It is notable that the presented pieces father Dawid Kusz OP has written this year and it is going to be the first public presentation of these compostitions. Three organ compositions which are also included in the programme have been written by Krzysztof Grzeszczak – a composer, a music theoretician and an organ player, a lecturer at the Music Academy in Łódź. A Gregorian choir will be led by father Wojciech Sznyk OP.

The organizer of the event is Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation in Cracow. In the concert participate: a mixed choir, invited by the organizer under Dawid Kusz’s management, and also musicians: the violin – Aleksandra Czajor from the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, and the organs – Marek Pawełek, an organist, an arranger, an educationalist, who played during World Youth Day in Cracow in 2016. The event has got a donation from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part of the programme “Culture on the web” (Kultura w sieci).

The concert’s programme:

1. K. Grzeszczak, Preludium organowe Chrystus zmartwychwstan jest (2005)
2. Hymn greg., Aurora lucis rutilat
3. Ant. greg., Angelus
4. D. Kusz, Psalm 63 (2020)
5. Ant. greg., Prae timore
6. D. Kusz OP, Kantyk Trzech Młodzieńców (2020)
7. Ant. greg. Respondens
8. D. Kusz OP, Psalm 149 (2020)
9. K. Grzeszczak, Preludium organowe O dniu radosny (2014)
10. D. Kusz OP, Ave Virgo Sanctissima (2020)
11. K. Grzeszczak, Carmen populi (2012)

Translation: M. Nowicka

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